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SeriousTraders Monthly November 2010


This Month Includes:

National Automation Services (NASV.PK)
Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. (SMEV.PK)
True 2 Beauty, Inc. (TRTB.PK)



National Automation Services (NASV.PK)

After recently completing the time consuming but important process of becoming a fully reporting OTCQB company, National Automation Services (PINKSHEETS: NASV) is now embarking on its strategic plan of nationwide acquisitions, with the stated goal of becoming the nation's premier provider of automation and control systems integration services. The company is already moving forward with expansion into California from their original operations in Nevada and Arizona, and have now opened an office in Temecula, half way between Los Angeles and San Diego. They are actively expanding their customer base in California, including manufacturers and public utilities, but are seeking acquisition opportunities in all areas of the country.

Today, the $500 billion automation and control systems industry is highly fragmented, with only a few major players in the country, and hundreds of local and regional operations. The NAS plan is to acquire the best of these smaller companies, taking over those functions that can be efficiently centralized, while leaving in place those localized functions that are so critical to customer quality. The economic benefits of scale can then benefit both the customer and the organization's position in the marketplace.

In addition to expanding geographically, NAS wants to expand industrially, further encompassing the many different types of applications available for automation and control systems. The company already has a diverse client list, including many municipalities, where they've built a strong reputation in water and wastewater processing, but also including companies like Southwest Airlines, where they maintain extensive baggage control systems, Honeywell, where they support remote station security for the Alaska pipeline, and companies like Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Chevron, and many others. The company's core portfolio includes

  • Control Systems Integration
  • Instrumentation and Control Engineering Services
  • PLC and SCADA Programming Services
  • Control Panel Design and Fabrications
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Radio Telemetry Studies
  • Automation Design Consultation
  • Communication Network Design

NAS has obtained an equity financing commitment of $5 million from Ascendiant Capital Group, LLC, a private equity firm, and is also pursuing several other financing strategies. They are also continuing an aggressive program of presentations and exhibits, with the following now scheduled for 2011:

  • ISA Central Arizona Section Exhibit
  • Automation Treasure, NV
  • Rural Water Association of AZ Leadership Conference
  • Instrument & Controls Expo, CA
  • Weftec, CA
  • Tri-State Seminar, NV

For more information on NAS, see the company's website at www.NASAutomation.com.




Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. (SMEV.PK)

The primary killers in a modern industrialized society are heart disease and stroke, commonly accompanied by high blood pressure. Combined, they take the lives of nearly 13 million people every year worldwide, over a million in the U.S. alone. And they share a contributing factor: stress. Stress is now considered a contributing factor to high blood pressure, heart disease, and strokes, as well as many other less deadly health issues. In today's world of high pressure and low physical activity, it's little surprise that associated diseases have increased along with stress. In just the past decade, stress related medical claims have risen 700%.

While anti-stress drugs and associated medications make up a multi-billion dollar industry, there is a rising movement that seeks healthier and safer alternatives for stress relief, providing what can only be described as an enormous opportunity for companies like Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: SMEV). SEC is the creator of SpaCapsule®, an anti-stress system like no other, and a potential non-drug solution to the tidal wave of major and minor health issues associated with stress.

SpaCapsule integrates hydro-massage, audio and visual stimulation, aroma therapy, and even oxygen therapy, into a self-contained, highly sophisticated personal environment system that can be custom programmed to both relax and stimulate, effectively dissolving every trace of stress. The system has been shown to increase blood circulation, encourage lymph drainage and de-toxification, decrease muscle tension, and even stimulate the ability to lose weight. One could describe it as a sort of rejuvenation cocoon.

Although SpaCapsule was actually designed by doctors, for doctors, with a host of computer controlled options, it's amazingly simple to use, requiring no specialized training. All that advanced functionality is elegantly incorporated and user friendly. No special attachments are required, just a normal plug-in. Even the maintenance is simple, involving little more than an occasional wipe-down.

The company's goal is for virtually every person to be able to experience a SpaCapsule rejuvenation at least once a week. It sounds like a hefty dream, but they've made tremendous progress in a very short time. The system is already patented throughout Europe, the U.S., and Japan, and is now being distributed in 27 countries. Well beyond just the doctor's office, the company fully expects to see SpaCapsule in every airport, hotel, fitness center, shopping center, as well as in individual companies and private residences.

For more information, see the company websites at www.spacapsule.com and www.SECCorporation.com.




True 2 Beauty, Inc. (TRTB.PK)

The old saying that "sex sells" has most recently been confirmed by the growth of California based True 2 Beauty, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: TRTB), a leading manufacturer and distributor of natural sexual potency pills and liquid products in the U.S., now expanding into worldwide markets. The company, headed by Alex Hbaiu, formerly of Eli Lily Research Labs, was originally founded on very little capital, but has already grown to over $10 million in sales due simply to word-of-mouth advertising, and is now publicly traded.

The principal products of True 2 Beauty are Libigrow, Libigirl, Libiliquid Shots, and Libiliquid Relaxation Drink, all made from natural ingredients and formulated to be the most effective over-the-counter sexual supplements on the market. Their rapidly growing distribution network includes health and convenience stores as well as liquor stores, smoke shops, specialty stores, and online sales. Products are now being tested in a Walgreens store in Florida. The company recently announced a $5 million private placement, set at $0.20 per share with no attached warrants, to increase the company's production capacity to some twenty million pills per month. Two custom-built 10-line packaging machines have already been ordered, with delivery planned in early 2011. All of this comes at a critical time, with backlogged orders. The company expects to purchase four more machines next year to keep up with projected growth.

There are a number of things that make True 2 Beauty and their market especially attractive. First of all, its distribution relationships are already in place, and, as indicated, are expanding. The products have a high profit margin, and are relatively inexpensive to produce. They also target a wider market than many sexual enhancement offerings, encompassing millions of people, focused on young male and female users with the potential to become lifelong customers.

In addition, the dietary supplement market continues to grow as more people seek natural-based over-the-counter health solutions. When Murphy Analytics announced that it would initiate coverage of True 2 Beauty, Patrick J. Murphy noted: "As evidenced by the success of Enzyte, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe and others, it seems to be clear that consumers continue to demand dietary supplement type products in general, with significant growth appearing to be likely to continue. The opportunity before TRTB, utilizing an effective marketing and business development plan, is to build upon the company's success to date by delivering more product through existing channels and developing a robust distribution network."

For more information on the company's products, visit www.Libigrow.com.




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