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Elray Resources, Inc. (ELRA.OB)
Stratos Renewables Corp. (MYEC.OB)
Vortex Resources Corp. (VTEX.OB)



Elray Resources, Inc. (ELRA.OB)

Elray Resources was founded by a group of experienced businessmen and geologists who intend to seek out and develop an extensive mining portfolio consisting of resource-rich claims in both North America and Asia. Today, the company owns total interest in four promising properties in Mexico and Cambodia, and maintains its ongoing mission of continued expansion.

Three out of four of Elray's operations are located in resource-rich Cambodia; together they total 15,000 hectares, or approximately 37,500 acres of prime, heavily mineralized land.

The Senator Project:
The highly prospective Senator Project is the first of Elray's mining tenements located in Cambodia's Rovieng area. In-depth survey of the region revealed an underlying multi-metallic quartz vein system of significant proportions, and the possibility of several extensions that could be uncovered during the excavation process. The company intends to conduct a trenching program over the primary vein, which would lead to further discovery of the actual geographical features of the claim.

The Angkor Wat Project:
Most of the work that has been accomplished in Elray's Angkor Wat interest has historically been in a system known as the Rom Day vein; however, recent evaluations of the property show that the original shaft has collapsed. Sampling of Angkor Wat continues, and it remains one of Elray's key areas.

The Porphyry Creek Project
Observation of this area has yielded the discovery of several high-grade precious metal vein systems; hopes are high for the existence of a large copper mineralization. Reconnaissance mapping and bulk sampling has been deemed the proper approach to developing this site. While full of mineral resources, Elray's Southeast Asian claims have only a limited history of extraction, and have tested extremely well in preliminary grab sampling; up to 72 grams of gold has been found in a single ton of ore from the region.

Across the Pacific in Mexico, just East of Guasave City, Elray Resources has entered into a 120-day option agreement to allow for the conducting of extensive geological evaluation. The Analhi Project is characterized by a huge outcropping of rock, conveniently located within acceptable proximity to rail and water shipping lanes. The site is expected to show significant levels of gold and copper in mined ore.

In addition to its Cambodian and Mexican projects, the company has recently announced a joint venture that will work to develop an Indonesian zircon sands deposit, demonstrating the extreme diversification of its blossoming portfolio. Across the board, Elray Resources has done an excellent job of lining up some impressive prospects for itself, and presses on toward even more potential opportunity, in what is likely to be an exceptionally bright future.




Stratos Renewables Corp. (SRNW.OB)

Now more than ever, it is vital that we lend our support to the development of low-cost, sustainable resources. With its operations strategically located in Peru, Stratos Renewables Corporation's main objective is to emerge as a prominent force in South America's burgeoning renewable energy industry, and to one day become the lowest-cost producer of sugarcane ethanol in the world.

Ethanol is a high-octane fuel that burns clean, and can be derived from cheaply-grown sugarcane stock. This means that it can be sustained for an indefinite period of time as a source of energy, unlike the fossil fuels that we remain so largely dependent upon today. Global interest in biofuel (and, more specifically, sugarcane ethanol) has been steadily increasing over the years and as a result, the demand for heightened ethanol production is at an all-time high. This places Stratos Renewables in a very desirable market with explosive growth potential, as governments across the Americas, Europe, and Asia begin to mandate higher ethanol concentrations in gasoline, and provide incentive programs for renewable energy corporations.

Sugarcane has the highest starch content of any known plant stock, and can be grown year-round in Peru. This makes it a superior alternative to corn when considering that it takes more energy to produce corn ethanol than what you get back in savings; not to mention the fact that the sugarcane itself yields three times the amount of ethanol per acre. A single acre can produce eight times the energy than the amount required for cultivation and harvest. Export is no problem either, with the embargo-free trade that Peru enjoys with the United States. Stratos Renewables owns a sugarcane production facility in Northern Peru known as Estrella del Norte, and is working on an expansion which includes an ethanol distillery that will produce an estimated four million gallons of ethanol on an annual basis.

Following completion of said expansion, the company plans to continue its growth efforts through the acquisition of additional existing sugarcane plantations, as well as purchasing further agriculturally-suitable lands for new plantation development. The company's aggressive strategy has expected production levels reaching 150 million gallons of ethanol per year in the relatively near future. It is in this way that Stratos intends to make the transition from sugar processing company to Latin American renewable energy pioneer.




Vortex Resources Corp. (VTEX.OB)

Vortex Resources Corp. (VTEX.OB) is an emerging natural resources company. Their focus is on the acquisition, exploration, development, and production of oil, natural gas, and minerals. With current operations in West Texas, the Company is dedicated to finding, acquiring and developing natural resources at the lowest cost possible. They then look to recycle their cash flows into new projects that yield high returns with controlled risk.

Vortex Resources Corporation is currently active in Crockett County, Texas. They are proceeding there with their 180-well infill-drilling program in Adams-Baggett field to produce natural gas from Wolfcamp Canyon Sandstone reservoir. The drilling program will also target deeper Canyon Sandstone, Strawn, and Ellenburger sites.

Vortex’s mineral interests consist of a chromium mineral lease in southern Turkey. The estimated apparent reserves in this location are 135,000 tons with an equal amount of probable reserves. Chromium is an essential ingredient of stainless steel, and Vortex is working on development plans for the exploitation of these chromium deposits.

The company is committed to minimizing costs by carefully controlling operating expenses as well as overhead expenses. After Vortex’s existing properties reach a self sustaining basis, the company plans to secure additional petroleum projects in prolific basins around the world.

In recent news, the company excitedly announced that it signed a Memorandum of Understanding to sign a definitive asset purchase agreement with Blackhawk Investments Limited. This agreement would give Vortex entrance into Barnett field, which is a mature, aggressively developed emerging shale play. Mike M. Mustafoglu, Chairman of the Company, said the company believes modern technologies will enable them to economically exploit the acreage and dramatically increase their reserve base.



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