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This Month Includes:

Clicker Inc. (OTCBB: CLKZ)
Constitution Mining Corp. (OTCBB: CMIN)
Emisphere Technologies (OTCBB: EMIS)



Clicker Inc. (OTCBB: CLKZ)

Perhaps the greatest irony in this age of communication: Even though the Internet has essentially linked nearly every person and organization in the entire world, the biggest problem that companies face on the Web is simply being seen. The effective building of online brand recognition is a major challenge, but companies that position themselves to be efficient at it hold an increasingly valuable key. This is exactly what Clicker Inc. (OTCBB: CLKZ), based in Irvine, CA, has been doing.

Clicker is a Web publisher and brand builder focused on developing stand-alone consumer brands for client companies as well as for brands that they themselves own or operate. Their approach incorporates social networking and reward properties, and leverages content, commerce, and advertising, to build sites/brands covering a range of consumer interests.

Sites currently under development, most of which are not due for launch until later in 2010, include the following:

  • ForWant.com – This is a free classified ads site, with millions of ads already posted. It allows users to post and search ads encompassing hundreds of subject and geographical classifications. It also has paid premium content, and has pulled in well over 1 million visitors just in the past three months. The property is now incorporated under ForWant, Inc. and is ready to begin operation as a standalone entity.
  • CashClicker.com – This is an e-reward site, designed to reward registered users for reviewing offers, websites, and for taking surveys. An affiliated social networking site currently being developed is
  • C2We.com – The revenue model for this property is to be largely advertising driven, but will include a premium membership program.
  • Sippinit.com – This is an online pop culture and entertainment news and gossip site incorporating social networking. Plans call for the property to pull in entertainment feeds, allowing viewers to comment on the events. The property will be advertising driven, where users can promote events.
  • SportsGulp.net – This is to be a social networking website and gossip channel for sports enthusiasts. Plans call for the property to pull in sports feeds, while providing a platform for interactive user communication.
  • ItsMyLocal.com – This is to be a rewards property, where users of local participating patrons can receive online coupons from local vendors.

For additional information, visit the company website at www.ClickerInc.com.




Constitution Mining Corp.

In the all too painful investment environment that has defined the last couple years, it's no surprise that investors have increasingly looked toward gold, the traditional hard-times hedge. Since 2005, the price of gold has skyrocketed and gold mining stocks have attracted worldwide attention. The advantage of early-stage gold mining stocks is that they represent a train that has still not left the station. Gold is expensive, but shares of many gold exploration companies can still be purchased cheaply because they're still in the early development stage. When and if a company strikes success, the huge difference between original share price and the market demand for gold immediately comes into play. It's one of the biggest risk-reward plays in town.

But grabbing onto just any gold mining stock is a one-way ticket to nowhere. While others are investing in anything that shines, you need to look for a company with a superior exploration and development strategy. Constitution Mining Corp. (OTCBB: CMIN) has one of the most clearly defined approaches in the industry. It's based on a real-world understanding and acceptance of the risks involved in gold exploration.

  • First and foremost, the company believes that accepting such risks only makes sense when the potential payoff is big. As a result, they've made it a part of their core strategy to devote resources only where there is real and visible potential for an elephant-sized reward. Small deposits of gold can be found all over the world, but only certain districts offer the possibility of multi-million-ounce finds.
  • In addition, they only go where there are few if any unreasonable political risks, even for big projects. In other words, they target areas where gold exploration is respected and encouraged, states and nations that are mining-friendly. This means places where taxes and sovereign royalties are reasonable, and where the regime for mineral rights is well-established and stable.
  • Finally, they have assembled a management team with very specific big-mine experience, and they work with industry partners that share their go-big philosophy.

True to their word, Constitution Mining's current projects are in some of the richest and yet most stable locations anywhere: 178 square miles of Gold Sands in northeastern Peru, and 2,141 claims in Nevada, largely in the prolific Walker Lane gold belt. The Nevada base alone could represent 308,000 ounces of gold (nearby Round Mountain has produced more than 10 million ounces of gold). Try multiplying those numbers by the current price per ounce of gold, and you'll get an idea why Constitution Mining's "think big" approach is worth serious consideration.

For additional information, visit the company website at www.ConstitutionMining.com.




Emisphere Technologies (OTCBB: EMIS)

One of the hottest areas in medicine today is drug delivery. Even the most beneficial drugs in the world are of little value if they cannot be successfully introduced when and where they are needed. Any company that comes up with a more effective technology in support of this stands to realize almost unlimited revenue potential in as much as it can be applied to multiple drug applications, opening the door to continued profitable growth. The road to final acceptance, of course, can be long and hard, requiring extensive up-front investment to develop and finally release a new delivery candidate.

Emisphere Technologies (OTCBB: EMIS) is a New Jersey based biopharmaceutical company that has already taken those critical first steps. It has come up with a new technology for drug delivery, and is now developing the novel products based on it to move into the marketplace. The company has a broad-based proprietary drug delivery platform called the Eligen® Technology, which improves the body's ability to absorb select molecules. The approach provides a demonstrated safe method of transporting targeted molecules to where they are needed, while in no way affecting their biological benefit. Many of these molecules are currently injected, which can limit their beneficial effect due to poor bioavailability, slow onset of action, or inconsistent absorption. The Eligen Technology overcomes these problems, while offering a variety of delivery pathways.

The net result of the new approach is the enhancement of overall healthcare, including patient accessibility and compliance, while also benefitting the commercial pharmaceutical marketplace. One of Emisphere's core business strategies is to use this proprietary technology to develop new oral forms of injectable drugs or poorly absorbed compounds. The broadly applicable Eligen Technology, together with Emisphere's current product candidates in the pipeline, represent the foundation of its value proposition and a significant opportunity for growth. Emisphere's pipeline includes product candidates that have reached clinical development, plus a variety of preclinical research and development programs.

Emisphere is carrying out these programs independently, as well as in collaboration with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Promising marquee products in the pipeline include an improved formulation of oral Vitamin B12, oral calcitonin for osteoarthritis and osteoporosis (in Phase III development with Novartis), and oral GLP-1 and GLP-1 analogs for Type 2 diabetes. They are individual products representing the tip of what could be a very large iceberg, and a good reason for taking a close look at Emisphere Technologies.

For additional information, visit the company website at www.Emisphere.com.




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