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Simtrol, Inc. (SMRL.OB)
Capital City Energy Group (CETG.OB)
Brite-Strike Tactical Illumination Products, Inc. (BSTI.PK)



Simtrol, Inc. (SMRL.OB)

Simtrol, Inc. is a software solutions company that serves to assist clients in several markets with the careful control of technological devices, and management of networks using connected assets. There are numerous fields in which high-tech devices tend to pile up, and where efficiency software is desperately needed to orchestrate communications between those devices. Government, Healthcare, Security, Retail, Hospitality, Education; all of these are areas that place a heavy importance on maintaining a smooth flow of information, and managing the devices by which it is provided.

Enter Simtrol's flagship Device Managerô software. Formerly referred to as Ongoer, the Simtrol Device Managerô can operate, monitor, troubleshoot, and schedule virtually any controllable device. A controllable device is defined as any technology asset that can communicate with other devices or programs via some form of communication protocol (i.e. USB, TCP/IP, serial, infrared, and IO relay). The device manager software is comprised of six main modules:

Interface-IT - This function allows the construction of streamlined GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) and the seamless integration with 3rd party software using a standardized set of developmental procedures.

Control-IT - This is how devices are instructed by the main system, using the various communication protocols as mentioned above. The software is capable of operating devices both locally and remotely.

Monitor-IT - This segment of the program maintains an equilibrium between connected devices, and raises alerts when significant device events take place.

Service-IT - This integral function can effectively diagnose, and subsequently remotely fix any issues that may arise over the given device network.

Schedule-IT - Through the automatic scheduling of device events, costs can be efficiently reduced in the areas of power consumption, administrative necessity, and the operational lives of the devices themselves.

Report-IT - This diagnostic tool runs checks on all aspects of device status, and then compiles the information into dynamic reports that take the guesswork out of device maintenance.

Simtrol's other software products fall under the category of "tele-justice" solutions. Built upon the framework of the device manager, Visitorô allows correctional facilities to safely conduct video visitations for high-risk prisoners. Arraignerô is a piece of software designed to reduce the complications and risks that go hand-in-hand with pre-trial and arraignment proceedings, as its name suggests.

It's easy to see why Simtrol is a company for Serious Traders. Its solutions simplify otherwise messy situations; creating order out of potential chaos. Simtrol products save its clients money at the end of the day, all the while providing a more streamlined and hassle-free mode of operation. Be sure to take an in-depth look at this solid company.




Capital City Energy Group (CETG.OB)

Since 2003, Columbus, Ohio's Capital City Energy Group, Inc. (CETG) has been in pursuit of greatness in direct participation energy programs. The company is proud of its three-pronged growth strategy that has come to be referred to as the "Triad" business model.

The first point of CETG's model is Fund Management. Managed by Avanti Energy Partners, LLC, this division is responsible for the structuring, funding, and management of energy properties for both institutional and retail investors. With the help of select brokers, financial planners, and advisors, these funds are set up as direct participation programs for qualified investors. CETG's Fund Management programs are some of the very few methods by which money can be directly invested in oil & gas, without the value of said investment being tied to the trends of a volatile market in a constant state of flux. With a return target of 18-24 percent annually, each fund consists of twenty or so income-generating energy properties that might range from pipelines and exploratory drilling, to fully-producing wells.

The second aspect of the company's strategy for growth involves its Principal Investment Division. Using its own capital, CETG acts as the principal investor in several energy properties through joint ventures with other energy firms. These include the strategic purchase of interests in production, potential drilling location acreage, and equipment. These are investments that can be speculative in nature, thus not applicable to the company's income-oriented funds, and yet may carry with them certain strategic advantages and potential for future growth.

The third and final division of Capital City Energy Group is Strategic Acquisition. It is here that energy companies which compliment CETG's overall strategy are integrated into the whole. Presently, there are three wholly-owned subsidiaries operating under the Capital City umbrella. Avanti Energy Partners, as mentioned above, facilitates the offering and management of CETG's direct participation energy funds.
Eastern Well Services specializes in providing oil & gas companies with wireline, fracturing, logging and testing services. Finally, there is Capital City Petroleum, which comes into play from harvest to point-of-sale, aiding in the last stages leading up to consumption. It is felt that by strategically investing in nearly every facet of the energy industry, through risk-adverse diversification, that the company can effectively advance its strategy for even-keeled growth.

CETG is a company absolutely committed to the satisfaction of its shareholders, and one that upholds an ethical set of standards and practices found in few energy conglomerates. It would be unwise to allow Capital City Energy Group, Inc. to escape your attention.




Brite-Strike Tactical Illumination
Products, Inc. (BSTI.PK)

About thirty-five miles south of Boston in the town of Kingston, Massachusetts you will find the headquarters of Brite-Strike Tactical Illumination Products, Inc. The company's origins can be traced back to two police officers' dissatisfaction with the functionality and dependability of conventional illumination products. Officers Glenn Bushee and Jon Neal set out to improve upon the day's standard, and what they got was Brite-Strike.

It all began with the success of The Tactical Blue-Dot Series of law enforcement flashlights. In all actuality, to refer to these products as 'flashlights' is a serious understatement. Each virtually indestructible unit is encased in military-grade black anodized aluminum for maximum durability. The Blue-Dots range in light intensity from 90 to 198 lumens; output levels that can seriously disorient potentially dangerous suspects. The design of the casing itself is a work of tactical genius, with specially crafted strike-crowns on each end to provide the user with a close-range advantage in the event of an assault. The Tactical Blue-Dot is preferred by many law enforcement officials, who find it an essential element in their safety on the job.

Civilian women are another group that Brite-Strike has gone to great lengths to help. The Lightning Strike personal security flashlight is marketed specifically to women who are seeking a less invasive alternative to traditional forms of personal protection such as mace, tasers, and firearms. At 65 lumens, the Lightning Strike produces an extremely intense beam of light capable of disorienting would-be attackers of any size. Like the Blue-Dot series, the unit is equipped with the strike-crown ends that can serve as an excellent means of breaking an unwanted grasp. Every Lightning Strike also comes with a 100 decibel personal panic alarm, providing women with an added sense of security when faced with a potentially compromising situation. Brite-Strike plays an active role in spreading awareness for STOP AOW (assaults on women), a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and safety of women everywhere.

For an even greater level of protection for civilians, Brite-Strike offers the Protector Series, which is available in outputs of up to 178 lumens. All of the company's products are made with LUXEONÆ LEDs, which are provided by Phillips Lumileds of Maylasia, as per a standing technology agreement.

Along with plans to become a fully reporting company on the OTC Bulletin Board, Brite-Strike has been expanding its operations across the board. Having only gone public on August 5th of this year, already distribution agreements have been signed with BJ's Wholesale Club, Lowes Home Improvement Online, Frontgate, and Herrington's catalogs. Plans to target other major retailers like Costco, Dick's Sporting Goods, and Target Stores are slated to take place over the next two years.

Brite-Strike offers products that carry the potential to save lives. The company has been enjoying increased visibility, with appearances on national news networks such as ABC, CBS, and FOX. In all, it is safe to say that the future is looking very "brite" for Brite-Strike Tactical Illumination Products, Inc.



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